John McEnroe: from the autobiographical book "Seriously"
Until this very day, I often have the feeling that my name is written right on my forehead. It is difficult to walk along the street, wherever it is, without…

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The most powerful and important hit in tennis. When a player manages to make an ace during the game, this surprisingly helps to boost morale. A tennis player cannot count…

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Types of Tennis Player Temperament
Temperament determines emotional stability, motor activity, speed of mind, level of performance, speed of perception, speed of attention switching, ability to self-regulate. helpTemperature is a genetically programmed form of behavior.…

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Gabriera Sabatini – beauty, champion, successful business woman

The famous Argentine tennis player and business woman, Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini (Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini) was born May 16, 1970 in Buenos Aires. Her 5-year-old brother Osvaldo Anibal was engaged in tennis and it was he who brought the 6-year-old future celebrity to the tennis court.

At age 13, Gaby became the youngest tennis player to win the Orange Bowl World Junior Championships in Miami, and at age 14 she led the world ranking by her age. In 1985, she turned into a professional and became the youngest semi-finalist of Roland Garros (lost to Chris Evert 4: 6; 1: 6). In the same year, she won her first championship in Tokyo. The following year, at Wimbledon, Gabriela reached the semifinals, setting another “youth record”, after which she entered the world top ten, which she did not leave until the end of her professional career (the best rating was No. 3 in 1989 and 1991). At the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, she won silver in singles, losing to Steffi Graf (3: 6; 3: 6). In 1988 and 1994 Sabotini is the winner of the WTA Final Championship. In 1990, Sabotini won her first and only Grand Slam tournament – the US Open, defeating Steffi Graf in the final with a score of 6: 2; 7: 6. Before this match, she bet with her father and the loser Osvaldo Sabatini had to quit smoking.

Sabatini was the first of the women to show a spectacular punch called “twin”.

Sabatini tween kick between the legs

In 1992, breeders named her bred fiery red-orange rose Gabriela Sabatini Rose. In 1994, the doll was put into production with her appearance and in tennis clothes. In the same year she published her book, My Story.

Gabriera Sabatini – beauty, champion

Many tennis experts noted her psychological instability during the matches. The most vivid example of this was the quarter-final match at Roland Garros 1993 against the American Mary Joe Fernandez. Winning 6: 1; 5: 1, she eventually lost 1: 6, 6: 7, 8:10. This match lasted 3 hours 36 minutes. Then there were 2 crisis years during which she did not win a single tournament. And in October 1996, after a tournament in Zurich, the 26-year-old Sabatini unexpectedly left tennis for everyone. She explained her decision this way: “It was not easy. In the last two years of my career, I did not feel happy on the court, I did not have a good idea of ​​what was happening to me. Thanks to working with a sports psychologist, I realized that I really didn’t want to playing, it was hard for me to perform and train. I wanted to live a more normal and calm life. I wanted to enjoy talking with people I love, from my home, from traveling. ”

Successful was not only her sports career, but also the established business. Since 1989, Sabatini began producing her own perfume line with the brand of the same name “Gabriela Sabatini”. Due to the bright appearance and fame, her perfumes and fragrant waters are very popular.

Tournament victories, advertising contracts (for example, a multi-million dollar contract with Pepsi), the sale of perfumes and clothing under its own brand made Gabriela the owner of a fortune of several tens of millions of dollars. The product range of the Gabriela Sabatini brand is constantly expanding: here are rackets, and cameras, watches, sunglasses, vitamins, soft drinks, bedding.

Having left active sports and becoming a successful business woman, she found everything she dreamed about, except for one thing – to have children. But she doesn’t really like Argentine men: the patriarchy they are used to is not suitable for Sabatini. Therefore, she tries to communicate with representatives of other nations, which more recognize gender equality. Gabriela is still single.
Interview with the Internet publication People (

“Excuse me, Signora Gabriela, are the men on the street pestering you?”

“I would be very happy if at least one came up and made me a date.” They, it seems to me, are simply afraid of me. That is, until they understand who I am, they behave more or less adequately. But as soon as they realize who they were trying to meet with, they somehow become so narrowed before their eyes, they are speechless and build a wall. And this wall is hard to destroy in order to communicate normally. You will laugh, but I, Gabriela Sabatini, a world sports star, a millionaire at the age of 20, I was the first to speak with a guy I liked more than once. I realized that I could cheer on anyone: in a disco, in a boutique, in a bar, in a movie, at a presentation, in a restaurant, even on the street. True, I go to dances much less often than to restaurants.

Now your faces are generally extended … When I am in a public place and I like someone, I try to attract attention to myself. Even, I’m sorry, I’m sending flowers. Flowers for a man …

Once I sat in a Washington restaurant and noticed a very, very attractive boy at the bar. She called a peddler of flowers and asked me to bring him one rose.

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