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Little-known episodes from the joint life of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

“When I play, the presence of children on the platform is not so important for me, but Stefania should be! This is my advantage over rivals.
She perfectly understands everything that I do on the court. And, most importantly, after the match, he knows why I did something, but something doesn’t, why I’m disappointed or inspired ”

The year 1999 for Andre Agassi became crucial in his career and personal life.

Upon his return from Melbourne in late January, shocking news awaited the tennis player. His wife Brooke Shields said: “I am unhappy. We are unhappy. And I do not know if we can be happy if we stay together.”

After such a shocking revelation, Andre immediately leaves for “Lily” in Las Vegas. There, he gives his friend a platinum engagement ring and asks to hand over his pawnshop for any price offered. The proceeds were contributed as a charity contribution to his “Training Academy” on behalf of Brooke Krista Shields. In this way, he made his wife (without her knowledge) one of the first benefactors.

Of course, our hero was upset that his family life had split, but he was more upset that Shizl was the initiator of the dissolution of the marriage, although he had more reasons for this. Firstly, the wife and her mother were against the birth of children, which in their opinion would adversely affect the career of the actress. Secondly, there were unfounded suspicions of adultery Brooke. Thirdly, she insisted that Andre leave tennis and wait for her at home after another return from filming. And for this reason, she did not like the whole tennis team, whose members did not contribute to her claims in any way.

When the abandoned husband informed Brad Gilbert about the break with Shields, he said: “This is the best you could do for your game!”.

In March, before the Lipton Championships in Key Biscayne (Miami, Florida), Agassi tried for the third time to find contact with Steffi Graf. Gilbert persuaded Heinz Gunthart, Steffi’s trainer, to organize a joint training session with his ward. Two tennis stars spent a little over an hour on the court. On the way to the hotel, Andre buys a magnificent bouquet of roses and sends him an invitation to dinner to Steffi. However, again his courtesy was ignored. Graf has had a fairly strong relationship with German racing driver Michael Bartels since 1992 (note auto. – In 1991, he made four unsuccessful attempts to break into the start of Formula 1 racing as part of the Lotus team, but he never qualified) .

Agassi filed for divorce on April 9. On the same day, the couple issued a joint statement that they were divorcing by mutual agreement and at the same time maintain friendly relations. The terms of the marriage contract were not disclosed, but according to experts, they had to divide over $ 130 million in communal assets, as well as at home in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The mansion in Los Angeles, acquired in 1996, became the property of Shields, but she does not live in it, but leases it. The house in Las Vegas was left to Agassi.

On April 26, the People’s weekly appeared, on the cover of which photographs of Agassi and Shields and the inscription “Unexpected separation. Game, set, inconsistency: Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi have been married for only two years by divorce by decision of the judge” (note avt. – In the phrase “Game, set, inconsistency” a pun was used: instead of “match”, “mismatch” was used).
Andre was impatiently awaiting a press release about their divorce with the hope that the Earl would find out that he was no longer bound by a marriage bond and then perhaps change his attitude towards him.

The climax in the career of a tennis player was the victory at Roland Garroos 1999, where Andre in the final, playing against Andrei Medvedev, made an incredible comeback (more about what circumstances preceded the match, how it went and how the post-match events developed here). In addition to the comeback at this French championship, Agassi was also remembered as the most beautiful tween in the 3rd round match against Australian Chris Woodruff (6: 4; 6: 4; 6: 3).
Winning the Musketeers Cup Andre Agassi entered the history of tennis as:

the fifth player to win the Career Grand Slam (joining Rod Laver, Fred Perry, Roy Emerson, and Don Budge);
the second player to achieve this achievement in the Open Era (after Rod Laver);
the first player to win four majors in a career on three surfaces (grass, ground, hard);
the only player – holder of the Career Golden Helmet (Super-helmet);
the only active (at that time) player who has all four Helmets in his asset.
(Note.– On the first three positions, they eventually joined him: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic).

Returning from Paris to Concorde to New York, Gilbert said: “Only two people in modern history have won all four Grand Slams and a gold medal – you and Steffi Graf. You just need to get married. Here’s my prediction: you’ll get married In 2001, and in 2002, give birth to your first child “(Count also won this” Roland Garros “- the sixth in her career).

Little-known episodes from the joint life of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf
“When I play, the presence of children on the platform is not so important for me, but Stefania should be! This is my advantage over rivals. She perfectly understands everything…


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