Rod Laver
Rod Laver, nicknamed "Rocket" was named the greatest tennis player of the twentieth century, and for good reason. He is the only player (among men and women) in the history…

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One of the most important factors that have a significant impact on the game of tennis players can be considered the gaming characteristics of the tennis court where the match…

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The chief referee is jointly responsible for conducting the entire competition as a whole in accordance with the regulatory documents of the competition. The functions of the head judge include:…

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The Hopman Cup can be called unique and even paradoxical, combining the features of some world tournaments and at the same time unlike any of them. But first things first…

Unusual start
The tournament is on the first line in the calendar of famous tennis players and fans. Why only famous? Because the organizers (until 2002 – director Paul McNami, since 2002 – the International Tennis Association, and since 2012 – the Australian Tennis Association) decide for themselves whom to invite to the competition, and there are only 8 vacant places.

The Hopman Cup has been held since 1989 in the town of Petra (Australia). At the turn of December and January, teams from eight countries come here.

The match is not official, and, therefore, points for it are not awarded. However, due to the stellar composition and an impressive prize (about $ 1 million) it is considered very prestigious, so rare athletes refuse to participate in it. And this despite the fact that not far off is already the first of the Grand Slam tournaments – Australian Open, which requires serious preparation.

Competition structure
As already mentioned, eight teams take part in the competition, consisting of a tennis player and a tennis player, who conduct both individual matches and joint ones. Participants are divided into two groups in which “everyone is fighting each.” First, girls perform, then men, and then paired meetings take place. Thus, two strongest teams are revealed, which will have to fight for the legendary trophy.

The paradox is that, not being an official competition, it is officially recognized as the World Championship among mixed-category ITF couples.

Who is Harry Hopman?
The tournament bears the name of an Australian tennis player and coach not by chance. With his participation, the Australian national team managed to become the owner of the Davis Cup as many as 15 times! In addition, the name of this famous athlete can be found while studying the history of the Federation Cup. Harry Hopman was the husband of Nell Hopman, whose efforts today tennis players around the world have their own analogue of the Davis Men’s Cup – the Federation Cup.

At the peak of technology
Modern technology that allows athletes to use the right to stop a match for a video replay of a controversial moment in the game, called Hawk – Eye, was first applied and tested here. Since then, no significant tennis competition is complete without it.

Victory of compatriots
Fans of domestic tennis will be pleased to know that the team of Russian tennis players invited in 2007 – Nadezhda Petrova and Dmitry Tursunov, managed to defeat the strongest opponents and get a well-deserved reward.

What unites absolutely all fans of tennis? Love for spectacular, emotional and beautiful matches. But when these matches are played between beautiful and famous tennis players, aesthetics and incredible tension are intertwined.

Women’s Leadership
Do you think that the desire to be the first and the best is a purely masculine quality? Watch the games of the WTA Final Tournament. They will change your idea of ​​female fragility and lack of initiative.

The competition was conceived as an analogue of the same “exam” in men’s tennis – the final ATP tournament. Eight of the best single-player tennis players, and the same number of couples, will converge on the tennis court at the sight of the crowd of thousands of spectators to find out which of them can rightfully be called the queen of the racket of the outgoing sports season. These eight athletes will be divided into two groups, in each of which they will go through a circular system. Thus, the four strongest will be revealed, which will go to the semifinals. And there it’s even a stone’s throw away.

Through thorns
In order to receive the cherished invitation, the athletes are fully laid out throughout the year in various competitions, earning rating points, which will ultimately be crucial for the formation of the G8. To raise their positions on the tour, girls can take part in:

olympic games;
four tbsh;
WTA Premiere Series
WTA international tournament;
Fed Cup – Federation Cup.
If we talk about the prestige of all the above events, then the final WTA tournament literally “comes on the heels” of the “four” of the Grand Slam. However, one only has to take into account the fact that it is here that it turns out which of them is truly worthy of being the first in tennis, then it becomes impossible to overestimate the significance of the results.

WTA Final Tournament History
Following the appearance of the men’s final ATP championship, in 1972 the first women’s competitions took place. This happened in the inconspicuous American city of Boca Raton, and the American American Chris Evert became the first winner. With strict observance of the established rules and procedures, the competition was distinguished by amazing territorial inconstancy. Since its inception, he has managed to change the venue nine times.

Chris Evert - a symbol of the era
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