Björn Borg
Björn Borg was a real star on the court with his incredible game, attractive appearance and icy calm. For this he was nicknamed "Ice man." With 11 Grand Slam titles,…

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Gabriera Sabatini - beauty, champion, successful business woman
The famous Argentine tennis player and business woman, Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini (Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini) was born May 16, 1970 in Buenos Aires. Her 5-year-old brother Osvaldo Anibal was engaged in…

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A very important element common to all professionals is the setting of the hand at the time of the end of the swing. With all the variety of forms and…

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Martina Navratilova. Life and novels of the first racket of the world

Martina Navratilova has such a long list of lovers that any man will envy. According to unofficial data, about a hundred women were in her bed. They say that even Madonna herself happened to be there.

Navratilova became the first tennis player who did not hide her non-traditional orientation. Internet users say that her appearance is more like a man’s, and some even suggest that Martina may be a transgender.

Not one tennis player said that after the match they relieve fatigue right in the locker room, but among the athletes who prefer same-sex relationships, Navratilova rightfully takes first place.

History of success
While Martina’s parents tried to arrange their personal life, the girl was given to her grandmother for education. The latter before the outbreak of World War II was on the list of the strongest tennis players of Czechoslovakia, occupying the fifth place there. When her beloved granddaughter was four years old, Agness Semanska gave her the first racket and recorded in the section.

The section was led by Miroslav Navratil, it was he who taught Martin to play tennis, and later, when he met her mother, he presented his future name to the future athlete.

While Martina’s girlfriends were partying at discos, she trained hard. Thanks to endurance, the girl won the first tournament at eight years old. After one victory followed. Soon, the athlete went to international competitions in America and realized that she wanted to stay there. In 1975, Martina sought political asylum. It seemed to her that absolutely everything was being sold in stores; The girl spent most of her time at McDonald’s and pastry shops. But the most important thing was that here Navratilova could be herself.

List of lovers
“I was drawn to women as a child. I liked the way they are tender and supple. ”

The first serious relationship with Martina began with a golfer Sandra Heny. It was she who made Navratilova dye her hair white. At first everything was fine, personal life had no effect on his career. However, after a year of relations, the tennis player began to take in sports, became sluggish and distracted, she managed to skip even simple innings.

As it turned out, Sandra demanded more and more sex from Martina. Tired of constant tension, the athlete decided to end the relationship. Moreover, a new object of adoration has appeared on the horizon – Rita Brown, a famous writer who has long been her salvation from annoying journalists and insatiable Heni.

After breaking up with Sandra Navratilova, she decided to go to a rehabilitation clinic, where she was visited by one of the Daily News employees. During a conversation with him, the tennis player proudly stated that she prefers women. The next day, this phrase graced the front pages of all newspapers.

In the eighties, the attitude towards sexual minorities was not so tolerant, and Martin was accused of immoral behavior. After her statement, she lost several major sponsors, but at that time the woman was worried about something completely different – she wanted to part with Rita.

The last meeting almost ended for Navratilov’s misfortune. The fact is that Rita first attacked her, and then shot into the car in which the athlete left after the conversation. A bullet flew just a few centimeters from Martina’s head.

For a long time Navratilova was not in a serious relationship and started only short affairs.

At one point in her life, Judy Nelson, Miss Texas, appeared. Having moved to Martina’s mansion and brought her two children with her, Judy immediately invited the tennis player to sign an agreement, from which it followed that half of the fees belonged to her.

After seven years of relationship, the women broke up. The gap fell at the peak of Navratilova’s career, and her lawyers had to work hard to hide information about the amount that Martina paid Nelson.

“How could she, I loved her so much! Although, frankly, for the years that we lived together, I got a lot of experience. Now I do not believe in love. From now on, I will treat my mistresses as sanitary napkins: I’ll use them and throw them out. ”

Among the passions of Navratilova were several tennis players, rock star Melissa Etheridge, Heather Reno – model and daughter of the US Attorney General, singer Kay Dee Lang and many other famous ladies. They say that even Madonna was in her bed, but both did not particularly like it.

In 1994, Martina decided to end her sports career and devote her life to herself. I visited the Louvre, began to write, but in 2001 still returned to tennis. She became the best again.

To her fiftieth birthday, Navratilova made herself a gorgeous gift – she won the title of the most age-winning single player in the history of WTA tournaments. She also collected the entire set of Grand Slam titles. After that, Martina put an end to her career.

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