The Hopman Cup can be called unique and even paradoxical, combining the features of some world tournaments and at the same time unlike any of them. But first things first……

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A modern tennis racket is a technologically sophisticated product that has many different characteristics. The right choice of racket depends on the knowledge of these characteristics, which means convenience, style,…

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Bill Tilden: Triumph and Tragedy
William Tatem Tilden II (02.10.1893 - 07.07.1953) was born in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) in a wealthy family of immigrants from the United Kingdom. He was a painful child, his mother…

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The player of the second hundred Sharapova is preparing for the 2020 season. What’s the point?

This year has become for Maria Sharapova a big disappointment in tennis. Four months missed due to a shoulder injury, a total of eight tournaments played and 131st place in the world ranking. The tennis player shot three times during the tournaments – in Shenzhen, St. Petersburg and Wimbledon, and at the end of the season refused to participate in two small European tournaments, where they were ready to give her wild cards. Many began to say that it was time for Mary to go to rest and stop tormenting herself and the fans. But no. At a large press conference in Linz, our superstar announced that she intends to prepare as best as possible for the 2020 season.

“I’m not in a hurry,” she said then. – My goal is to stay healthy, how to invest in work and play a good calendar next year. This season, everything was very bad with a shoulder, I almost did not speak. But these are the ups and downs through which all athletes go. I have the motivation to become better. I know that there are no limits to what you want to achieve. ”

Motivation is the first and main answer to the question why Sharapova does not intend to leave yet. So, he feels that he can still somehow declare himself.

Wants to be competitive
A tennis player is preparing for the new season under the leadership of the famous Italian specialist Ricardo Piatti, who does not skimp on flattering reviews about the ward.

– Maria heals injuries. She’s fine and ready to attack again. We focus mainly on technology, on strokes, we want to rebuild the puzzle, put everything together. We use, among other things, video analytics, ”Piatti said in an interview with Italian media. “She really wants to be competitive again.”

He wants to compete and win. Answer number two.

“I never trained women, but for the sake of Sharapova I made an exception,” the Italian added. – She gives the impression of a cold and unfriendly person, but in fact she is very pleasant. And she loves to study. She is very smart.

In general, it is very curious how Sharapova’s cooperation with Piatty will develop. After all, he has one more student, 18-year-old Italian Yannick Sinner, who is progressing at an unrealistic pace and is now already the youngest player in the top 100. One ward, Born Chorich, unable to withstand the competition, has already left the Piatti team. How now the trainer will distribute the work between the promising compatriot boy and the world superstar that has taken place is a big question.

Sharapova earned the right to play as she wants
Former tennis player, one of the top 100 in the world ranking, and now a coach and television commentator, Ekaterina Bychkova sees no problem in the fact that Sharapova intends to continue to speak.

– Why don’t Maria Sharapova continue to play? If she likes the process, then who will force her not to play tennis? – stated Bychkova “SE”. – She earned the right to speak as much as she wanted.

– Fans are increasingly saying that it is time for her to leave …

– Fans are such a people … She will win a couple of tournaments, they will advise her to continue playing. The opinion of the fans, of course, is worth considering, but for an athlete who wants to pursue a career, this does not change anything. And at some moments, maybe even spurs.

– The 2019 season turned out to be crumpled for Sharapova due to injuries. Will the next be better?

– Rafael Nadal said a brilliant phrase that you can always use: it’s tennis. You never know what will happen at what moment. Moreover, with such colossal experience as that of Mary. You can play a tournament somewhere, and you will have tremendous confidence. Or maybe not. This is a matter of luck, two or three well-played matches. Defeat two strong opponents – everything will return. It is clear that this is not easy. Maria still has a straightforward game – she just hits the ball hard. When I was young, everything worked out, and now age is superimposed, and the injuries and hits are no longer i.e., as I understand it, she is a player who was very full, and match after match was gaining confidence. Plus she’s a fighter by nature. All this together made her a super champion. And now something has begun to sink. And everyone understood how to play with her. Maybe, in the course of this pre-season preparation, she invented something new? The more interesting it will be.

– Coach Piatti suits her?

– Let’s see what the effect of the work will be. At this age, Sharapova herself knows how to beat on the right and left. Here, rather, the issue of reconfiguration, the search for some new solutions, combination options. A lot of nuances. An experienced coach can really give her something. If you start to lose, it will not be very interesting. What if he starts to win? She is 32, now many play up to 35. I do not see any problem in this.

– Sharapova is no longer in the top 100. Can she count on a wild card in any tournament?

“She will be welcome everywhere.” Sharapova is a media character, people will come to her. Kiki Bertens, who is in the top ten, will be visited by fewer people than by Masha Sharapova. It is a fact.

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