The Legend of Tennis

Dwight Davis - Founder of the Davis Cup Tournament
Dwight Filley Davis was born July 5, 1879 in St. Louis (Missouri) in the family of a successful businessman, from the English family of aristocrats who arrived in the New…

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René Lacoste
Rene was born in Paris on July 2, 1904 in the family of the industrialist Jean Lacoste, the owner of a network of factories producing cars “Spanish-Suiza” (La Нispano-Suiza Automobiles).…

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The most powerful and important hit in tennis. When a player manages to make an ace during the game, this surprisingly helps to boost morale. A tennis player cannot count…

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Psychological installation for tennis players

The specificity of tennis is that any tournament, even the highest rank, consists of individual matches. It all starts with a victory in one match, which is the desired link in the chain leading to success in any competition. In order to win a specific match, it is necessary to subconsciously keep a clearly formulated setup formula throughout the match. Each tennis player is obliged to form an attitude for the upcoming match. How adequate it is to the conditions of the competition is revealed in the process of a duel or as a result of it.

psychology In tennis, installation means such a mental state of the athlete that determines his willingness to act adequately in the upcoming game situation for a certain time. “A player can be in one match, but at different hours he is definitely not like himself” (Sh.A. Tarpishchev). That installation affects from start to finish on the entire course of the tennis match.

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Types of Tennis Balls

So, probably you never thought about buying balls, how do they differ from each other? But they noticed that some balls last a long time, while others wear out and quickly lose pressure. Let’s try to figure it out.

In ancient times, balls were made from sheep’s skin and only at the beginning of the 19th century did they learn to make balls from rubber. To this day, all tennis balls are made of rubber with an external fabric coating. The standard ball weight ranges from 57 to 58 grams. And its diameter is an average of 6.5 cm. The type of external coating of a tennis ball depends on whether the ball is made with or without pressure. The ball with pressure loses the rebound gradually with the release of air from it, as if you imagine a balloon that is slowly blown away. And tennis balls without pressure keep the rebound for a very long time.

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The player of the second hundred Sharapova is preparing for the 2020 season. What’s the point?

This year has become for Maria Sharapova a big disappointment in tennis. Four months missed due to a shoulder injury, a total of eight tournaments played and 131st place in the world ranking. The tennis player shot three times during the tournaments – in Shenzhen, St. Petersburg and Wimbledon, and at the end of the season refused to participate in two small European tournaments, where they were ready to give her wild cards. Many began to say that it was time for Mary to go to rest and stop tormenting herself and the fans. But no. At a large press conference in Linz, our superstar announced that she intends to prepare as best as possible for the 2020 season.

“I’m not in a hurry,” she said then. – My goal is to stay healthy, how to invest in work and play a good calendar next year. This season, everything was Continue reading

“When we called Danya for dinner, he shouted:“ Mom, I play with Nadal. I’ll finish – I’ll come! ”

At the end of the year, 100 SE journalists traditionally determined the best athlete of Russia-2019. They became tennis player Daniil Medvedev. In 2019, he broke into the top 4 of the world ranking, performed in the finals of the US Open and won four ATP tournaments. The observer “SE met with the parents and sister of one of the main characters of the year.
Parents of Daniil Medvedev – about how he grew into a world star and rival Nadal in the US Open final

Daniil Medvedev.
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Tennis Tactics

Tennis is an extremely hazardous sport, therefore, athletes are determined to win and do not intend to concede to the enemy. To win the competition, just the right technique of the game is not enough, competent tactics are always a bit of a creative process that allows you to calculate the behavior of the opponent and gain an advantage.

The need for the right tactics to attack
Tactics when playing tennis comes down to the same efforts as in any other competition – to recognize the opponent’s weaknesses and use them to their advantage.

Usually in professional sports, players are well acquainted with the pros and cons of the usual game of Continue reading

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The player of the second hundred Sharapova is preparing for the 2020 season. What's the point?
This year has become for Maria Sharapova a big disappointment in tennis. Four months missed due to a shoulder injury, a total of eight tournaments played and 131st place in…


Roger Federer
Parents of Roger Federer decided to instill in their son a love of sport at an early age. So already at the age of three, the child picked up a…


Chris Evert - a symbol of the era
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Pete Sampras - The Legend of Tennis
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